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Baby Bagsby Web, Design

Baby Bagsby is a dropshipping company created by 2 housewifes in 2017 in Montreal, Canada.

They work with several manufacturers to create a large range of maternity bags at the best price.

Web Development

Baby Bagsby - Web Development

We made an efficient store with Shopify and optimized the management with Oberlo, MailChimp and Privy.

The shop explain us how you can use the bag and follow with a quick shopping experience.

This version brings comfort to the staff as they will be able to easily create newsletter for their clients, create special discounts, use good analytical tools, and import some additional accessories in the store and more.

Logo Design and Branding

Baby Bagsby - Logo Design and Branding

Their old logo was very common and general so we designed a unique and more targeted logo to show people in first glance that the company has speciality in the maternity bags industry.