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Bodytec Antibes Web, Design

Bodytec Antibes is a Fitness Studio based in the city of Antibes, in the French Rivieira. 

Their programs are specialized in the optimization of health and well being thanks to the revolutionary technology MihaBodytec whose success is no longer to prove.

The training sessions include a cardio part, a strength part and a flexibility part.

Prepare to be fully revitalized directly after the first session !

Web Development

Bodytec Antibes - Web Development

We created a responsive website full of opportunities for the clients.

You will be able to learn more about the Studio and the Mihabodytec Concept, book a trial session online in less than 2 mn, learn many healthy things with the blog and subscribe to their newsletter, check their Instagram feed or send a special request with an easy contact form.

As the owner, you can manage the planning of all your trainers, send newsletters to your clients, update your blog and share posts easily on the social medias. Moreover, an online shop has been set to purpose to the clients to buy their memberships online and book directly their sessions from the website. 

A full automated business !

Logo Design

Bodytec Antibes - Logo Design

We designed an universal logo full of energy, able to match with anything.